Key Features

Predictive Dialing

Increase your agents contacts by 200-300% as only contacts are routed to agents, not busy signals, no answers, or privacy managers.

Remote Agent Capabilities

Solus One is designed to enable remote agents and management facilitating communication between various offices, homes and international locations.

Agent Monitoring and Coaching Modes

Monitor agents onsite or remotely from home or anther off site location; Use coaching mode for live training where agents hear you, but customers do not. Agent monitoring is also an excellent way of ensuring your high levels of customer service are being met.

3rd Party Transfer

Transfer calls internally, externally or conference in third parties all with a simple click of the mouse. Record all transferred calls, including the recording of calls transferred out of your call center; ideal for the mortgage industry

Call Recording

Call recording of all or specific calls can be easily accomplished with the simple click of a mouse button. Calls are recorded to .wav file format and available for managers and supervisors 24 hours a day via the client portal on our web site.


Our ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) allows you to structure your campaigns and your call flow to match various agent skill sets and time zones they’re located in. With Remote Agent Capabilities you can truly create a virtual world wide call center without a huge capital investment.


Solus One maintains a three level IVR, helping meet the needs of any company.


Solus One faciliates conference calling between your staff and multiple customers and support personnel

Intuitive User Interfaces

Large icons, wizards for multi-step processes and an easy to use interface are all part of ensuring your agents are able to learn and use Solus One quickly, reducing training time and time spent looking for functions while increasing their productivity and your profitability.

Click and Dial Functionality; Manual Dialing

With the simple click of a mouse button your agents can dial a client or prospect ensuring accuracy in the number dialing process, helping to decrease your abandon rate and speed the process of dialing out going calls rather then using a manual dialer.


Solus One’s feature rich CRM interface allows your agents to provide superior customer service and increase both agent performance and revenue for you and your clients.


Our multi level scripting options (including HTML programming options) allow management to quickly create easy to use scripts that help your agents handle rebuttals and objections while saving agent time and improving performance.

Call Back Scheduling & Real Time Appointments

Scheduling call backs with Solus One is quick and simple. Agents can swiftly and easily set reminder times for call backs to clients or prospects. In order to ensure they never miss a call an email notification is sent to their inbox as a reminder in addition to a call back reminder opening on the agents screen. Access to a Real Time Appointment Scheduling system is also included.

Horizontal Dialing

Horizontal Dialing is where the system continues to dial alternative numbers within a particular account.  The benefit is that it will move onto the next number if the first number is busy increasing the chances of List penetration.


Computer Telephony Integration comes standard with Solus One including advanced pop-up screens helping to increase agent productivity.

Inbound Campaigns

Solus One can provide your company with 1-800 telephone numbers allowing you to have unlimited inbound campaigns increasing your ability to offer more services to your clients, products to your customers and in turn generate additional revenues for your business. Local DIDs for Canada, US and select International locations are also available to help you create local campaigns for your customers. Blended Inbound and Outbound campaigns are available.

Outbound Solutions

Various types of Outbound Campaign solutions are available with Solus One. Predictive Dialing, Autodialing, or manual dialing are all available. Plus maximize agents usage with simultaneous inbound and outbound campaigns. This allows for reduced agent downtime, increased revenue and in turn increased client options.

Business to Business Calling

Designed to facilitate the easy use of B to B calling; our system allows dynamic leads sharing, individual client note taking, call back scheduling, email links and lead ranking. All combined with Solus One’s great features.

Auto Dialing and Voice Broadcasting

Dial lists independent of your Call Center Agents, where clients hear your custom recorded message and press “1” on their touch tone phone to be instantly transferred to your agents. By combining both systems you can maximize your sales, your penetration targets and your agents sales time.

Customized Solutions

Solus One’s greatest strength is our ability to customize our solution to suit your specific needs without any additional capital cost to you. Pay only for custom programming charges, we continue to host the system, and you save thousands in development and equipment costs. Customization usually takes less than 2 weeks and can be designed for industry specific applications or linked to other web interfaces.

Connectors / APIs

Connect the Solus One application to other Software programs or Web Interfaces to fully take advantage of our time saving system, giving you greater flexibility to improve your work flow and communication infrastructure. New Connectors usually take less than two weeks to program by our expert staff.


Easy point and click integration with any Asterisk or other form of IP PBX.

Easy campaign setup

Using the campaign wizard you can create complete and fully functional campaigns within minutes including setting up time zone filters, importing lists and checking them against the DNC and for duplicates within Solus One.

Reporting / List Management

Real Time Reporting allows you to instantly manage both your lists and your agent performance helping you address immediate client requests. Detailed reports on agents, campaigns, disposition summaries and much more all designed to save you time and money.

Customized Worksheets / Sales Sheets

Documenting the sale or course of action is why you have a call center. With our easy to design Worksheets, you have access to a large variety of reporting options for your worksheets and the ability to instantly direct their flow once completed providing real time options for your clients.

Training Time / Set-up Time

Solus One is designed to minimize Set-up time to enhance your management capabilities and be easy to use and user friendly to minimize system training. This allows you the time to focus on product and service training, your core business.

Customer Service

Customer service is available 7 days a week and staffed by “junior programmers” who have an in-depth knowledge of IT hardware and our Solus One Software. These same programmers been trained on Customer Service Centers so they can understand your needs and help facilitate them when custom designing your Solus One program.

Answering Machine Detection

Designed with incredible accuracy, verses competitors, don't settle for second best, use Solus One.

Auto Start / Stop Campaign Set-up

Pre-program your campaigns to auto-run and stop based on various variables, allowing management to focus on staff and sales.

Secure Infrastructure

Backed by award winning Cisco networking infrastructure Solus One is Co-located with Cogeco, a secure 24/7 facility backed by state of the art technology, redundant power, generators and based on a platform capable of competing world wide. Our hosted solution is designed and built to provide you peace of mind and business to business quality in a VoIP environment.


Solus One is designed to allow you to scale up or down on a month to month basis. This assists with seasonal businesses, major sales promotions or high growth rates and turns your Call Center into a manageable variable cost verses a huge fixed cost. Seats may also be purchased part-way through the month and will be pro-rated.

Automatic Updates R and D

Solus One is constantly researching and developing new ways to integrate VoIP and software solutions for Small and Medium sized businesses. As a Solus One client you automatically receive access to our latest technological developments helping you compete internationally and against the bigger players in your industry.


Clients can select their own VoIP carrier or use Solus One's top quality VoIP and Toll Free Services.

Email / Chat / SMS

Solus One supports the latest communications trends, and they operate just like a regular phone would in terms of reporting and setup.